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Services for Private Clients

Prenuptial Investigations


Prenuptial investigations are comprehensive background checks conducted before marriage to uncover hidden information about a potential spouse. These investigations aim to provide a clear picture of a person's financial, personal, and legal history, protecting both parties involved.

Matrimonial Lifestyle


Matrimonial lifestyle investigations delve into the lifestyle and financial aspects of a married couple. These investigations help uncover hidden assets, evaluate living standards, and determine the true financial picture during divorce or legal proceedings.

GPS Vehicle Tracking


GPS vehicle tracking services utilize Global Positioning System technology to monitor and track the location, speed, and movement of vehicles in real-time. These services offer enhanced fleet management, increased security, and improved efficiency for businesses and individuals relying on vehicle transportation.

Cheating Spouse


Cheating spouse investigations are conducted to gather evidence and determine if a partner is engaging in infidelity. These investigations involve surveillance, digital forensics, and undercover work to provide clarity and support for individuals facing relationship uncertainties.

Background Checking


Background checking investigations involve thorough examinations of an individual's personal, financial, and criminal history. These investigations aim to provide a comprehensive overview and verify information for various purposes such as employment, renting, or partnerships, ensuring informed decisions and mitigating risks.

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